Anne's Rugs

Custom made, custom sized, cosy braided rugs are a great addition to any porch or room in your home.

Anne Johnston started making rugs in 1996. Her kids were still in school then and she wanted to work at home so she could be there for them.  Then she heard about someone having all the equipment needed to make braided rugs, and she was off on a whole new venture. 

Anne started exhibiting at small local shows but, with the help of a good friend, she quickly branched out to the larger shows in Ottawa and Toronto and numerous locales in between. 

Her rugs are “easy keepers” being machine washable, reversible and stain resistant. And because each one is custom made, you can chooses your colour combinations , patterns and size.

See a lot more of Anne’s beautiful braided rugs at her website: Brome Braids or at any of the following shows this year: